martes, 22 de marzo de 2011


Chiste enviado por compa de facu. No alcanzaban los caracteres permitidos en el feibu por ende lo posteo acá. JAJAJAJAJ me reí masiado mucho.

A 2nd grade teacher tells the class to say a sentence using the words "Liver" and "Cheese" in the same sentence. So the teacher picks a white kid to go first, he says, "My mom made me a Liver and Cheese sandwich, it was really good!" Then the teacher picks a black kid to go second, he says, "My mom bought the wrong kind of cheese, so my dad punched her in the Liver!" Finally, the teacher picks Pepito to go third, he says, "2 boys were trying to look up my sister's skirt and i said 'ey putos, Liver alone, Cheese my sister!!!"

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